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TITLES (2018) TITLES is a series of short videos, about one minute long each, like a collection of short stories. As the title implies, TITLES is an associative visual rendering of a title. [...]



RELATE (2014-15) In October 2014 I visited one of the city museums for contemporary art. Despite the unpleasant weather outside, it was quiet inside, with only few visitors. The peaceful atmosphere was perfect for indulging with the art. Yet there was something there that interrupted my Utopia: guards. There were the works of art [...]



FOREVER (2015-2017) People who do creative work often speak about allowing creativity to flow through them. They speak about becoming a channel for creativity to flow through. In FOREVER, I juxtapose this concept of creativity with the three-act structure, a standard and prevailing model in screenwriting. There’s a continuous, ever-lasting, and abstract flow on one [...]



SÜSS-EICHMANN (2016-17) This is the second project in a series of works that meant to isolate and examine each of the anti-Semitic stereotypes applied to Süss, the protagonist of the notorious Nazi propaganda film “Süss the Jew” (1940, dir. Veit Harlan). In SÜSS-EICHMANN I examine the stereotype of assigning blame to others for one's own [...]