Project Description

RELATE (2014-15)
In October 2014 I visited one of the city museums for contemporary art. Despite the unpleasant weather outside, it was quiet inside, with only few visitors. The peaceful atmosphere was perfect for indulging with the art. Yet there was something there that interrupted my Utopia: guards. There were the works of art spread over white walls, the objects of attention. There was me, the observer. And there was someone in between who belonged to neither. Surely, the guard was foreign to the setting and foreign to my intimate dialogue with the art. I wanted to express that feeling of non-belongingness and was contemplating how to do so. Later that day, I decided the best way to go was to use the footage I had shot in the museum (with my old iPhone) in conjunction with some pre-existing footage. I wanted to have two types of footage that looked and felt different, that by their nature did not belong together, and then juxtapose them, in order to get the sense of non-belongingness.

To learn more about my work with pre-existing footage, go to the Footage Art page.