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Sometime I Get to See the Whole Picture and Other Shorts (2018-)
A collection of short-short videos about a minute long each. 

Wherever I go I feel like running away

One day I’ll have nothing but memories

He said it was just a game

Don’t you ever put your legs on the table again

When I pushed her away she never came back

I dreamt I was playful again

The subconscious sneaks in through open windows

Sometimes I get to see the whole picture

After we had sex she talked about spirituality

No one told me green balls are heavy

Part of me doesn’t care anymore

Videos and Installations (2014-17)

Relate | Video

Mixed Emotions | Video

Forever | Video (loop)

Self-Doubt | Video

Nach Berlin | Installation

Allegory-2 | Installation

Süss-Zeus | Video

Süss-Eichmann | Video

Autodidact | Fiction, Short